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AFSILA - Americans for Safe Israel - Los Angeles Chapter of AFSI

Americans For Safe Israel


Americans For A Safe Israel
AFSILA is a chapter of AFSI.ORG in N.Y.

Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister


Judea and Samaria is Israel

Indeed, the prayer of our matriarch Rachel is effective:

"So says the Lord: Withhold your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for there is a reward for your endeavors, promises the Lord, and they shall return from the enemy's land.  And there is hope for your destiny, promises the Lord – the children will return to their borders."

"If I forget you Jerusalem, let my right hand lose its strength".

The memory of Jerusalem somehow is linked to our current vigor as a people.
In Jerusalem, God is seen, and felt, as a tangible presence.

Life, Liberty, and Justice  

Mission Statement



I. PRINCIPLES - as an organization we are committed to the principles of Zionism and Jewish Tradition. We believe that the future of the Jewish People is only in Israel. It is incumbent upon us, therefore, to mobilize all of our resources to assure the survival of Eretz Yisroel HaShlema as the Jewish Homeland.

II. OBJECTIVES - in order to implement our PRINCIPLES we propose to engage in the following activities:

A. Endeavor to assure that each and every one of our general meetings will reflect our PRINCIPLES and attract as many people as possible to our cause and membership.

B. Encourage the immigration of American Jews to Israel as the highest Zionist ideal in order to strengthen Israel, further the continuity of the Jewish People, and guarantee that our own descendants will remain in the Jewish fold. In this respect we should seek out and work with the Aliya representatives of the Jewish Agency and other like-minded organizations.

C. Work with and assist Jewish college and univer­sity students in our region who find themselves under attack from the anti-Israel, anti- Jewish forces on the academic campuses. Here too we must seek out and participate with other Jewish organi­zations who are already involved in this effort.

D. Wherever appropriate, encourage the involvement of Christians who support the existence of the Jewish People in Israel in our programs. 

The Jewish people are not only a national and political unit.
Since their first appearance on the stage of history they have been the personification of a moral will and the bearers of a historic vision which they inherited from the prophets of Israel. It is impossible to understand the history of the Jewish people and their struggle for existence—both when they were a nation rooted in their own soil and more or less controlling their own destiny, and when they were a wandering people, exiled and dispersed—unless we bear in mind the unique idea which their history embodies, and the stubborn opposition, not only physical, political, and military, but also spiritual, moral, and intellectual, which the Jews have always confronted.
In ancient times, our most important neighbors were Egypt and Babylon. The struggle with these mighty neighbors was political and military as well as cultural and spiritual. Israel's prophets spoke out against the spiritual influence of these neighbors on Israel's religio-moral concepts and social patterns. They advocated faith in one God, the unity of the human race, and the dominion of justice. Today, the Jewish people, having held their own, appear again in the same area in which they evolved. The entire environment in this region has been completely transformed since Bible days. The languages, religions, civilizations, and the very names of the ancient Middle Eastern peoples have disappeared. Yet Israel, though largely uprooted for two millenniums, continues its ancient traditions of language, faith, and culture—as it were, uninterruptedly.


Could an Arab-Palestinian State in Israel ever be acceptable?


A second Arab-Palestinian State (Jordan is the first), especially in Israel (west of the Jordan River), is not viable; not even in theory.  There is nothing to debate. The past 70 years has proven that the Arab culture and mentality is not conducive to coexistence with its own people, much less with the Israelis.


If there is to be peace for Israel, and thus, the entire Middle East, it is imperative that Israel has a total crushing victory over its enemies.


Reviewing all the efforts Israel has tried in the past seven decades in trying to give the Arabs concessions has only returned more terror, violence, suicide bombing and encouragement to continue the terror and violence. The PLO and Hamas Charter state explicitly that they must fight Israel’s Occupation and all of Israel belongs to the Arabs. Thus, they consistently incite the Arab population to acts of terror and violence; actually educating their children to hate and kill Jews. 

Examining the facts of what has taken place in Gaza since 2005 proves instead of using their resources to build an economy and improve the lives of their people, the terrorist organizations who run Gaza used these resources to build attack tunnels, purchase weapons, rockets, missiles and other war making instruments and supplies. All the while taking a section of Gaza and turning it into luxury enclave for their leadership, while the rest of the population lacks the basic necessities to survive, which they blame on Israel

Gaza is nothing more than a terrorist entity promoting terror and violence against Israel and all Jews. No other country in the world would allow such a terrorist organization to exist within their borders.  An examination of the devastating effect on Europe and the U.K. from the Arab immigrants from the Middle East and the steps being taken by those countries to rectify the problem proves the above factual statement.  Perhaps those countries should set-up an Arab-Palestinian State within their borders.

The situation in other Arab/Muslim countries is no different with some minor exceptions. About 400,000 Arab-Palestinian were employed and living in Kuwait.  After the Gulf war against Iraq and Saddam Hussein of 1991, the Kuwaitis expelled the Arab-Palestinians due to their support of Saddam Hussein. If other Arab countries refuse to create a State for fellow Arabs, why should Israel be forced to create a State for the Arab-Palestinians?

Historical facts show Arab countries, in support of the Arab-Palestinian agenda, lost four wars against Israel since 1948. Now these same countries are using the illusion and deception that they want peace which can only be achieved by creating an Arab-Palestinian State in Israel.  With this insidious and deceptive approach they have managed to gain more in concessions than all their wars, and receive billions of dollars in financial support. These concessions by Israel and the financial support from nations of the world and the U.N. which the Arab-Palestinians continue to use to promote terror, killings and endless daily acts of violence against innocent Jews of Israel. They defraud and deceive the world by not using all the funds for the betterment of all Arab-Palestinians.

The Arab-Palestinians and their supporters are waging war against Israel under the guise of a “peace process”.  The solution to the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli confrontation lies not in more painful concessions, but by reversing the concessions by Israel.  The only true solution is for Israel to impose its' will and crushing the enemy so it cannot continue to wage terror and violence.  It should not, and cannot be ignored that the ultimate goal, the dream of Arab-Palestinians is to eliminate the Jewish state.  They have openly stated such and should be considered a declaration of war against Israel.   

What Israel needs is the world at large to mind its own problems and let Israel resolve the Arab-Palestinian problems without outside interference whatsoever.  Ironically, allowing Israel to put an end to the terrorist acts of the Arab-Palestinians is the best thing that could happen to the Arab-Palestinians.  It would liberate them from their destructive obsession and allow them to begin constructing their own polity, economy, society, and culture with the ultimate goal of becoming self-sufficient. 

Israel must have all the territory west of the Jordan River. It is legally and historically Jewish territory which was guaranteed by the Supreme Allied Powers as part of an international agreement after WWI.  At the same time the Arabs were allocated over 13 million sq. km. (6 million. sq. mi.) with a wealth of oil reserves, plus took over 75% of Jewish allocated land of Palestine and established the new Arab State of Jordan east of The Jordan River.  The new State of Jordan immediately expelled all the Jews and confiscated all their assets.  Furthermore, other Arab countries also terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families who now reside in Israel and comprise over half the population.  These are the very same Jewish refugees from Arab countries which Arabs confiscated all their assets including, personal items, businesses, homes and over 120,000 sq. km. (46,332 sq. mi.) of Jewish owned Real estate for over 2,600 years.

It is going to be a monumental achievement to relocate the Arabs in Israel to Jordan and/or to other Arab countries.  However, it is a known fact that after WWII over 100 million refugees were resettled in various countries so it can be done.  However, by relocating the Arabs in Israel to the homes and land confiscated from the million expelled Jewish families is more than a fair exchange. Arab refugees being returned to Arab countries to replace the Jewish refugees wrongfully and forcefully expelled.  This would be a peaceful solution to the unending war being waged against Israel.

Another solution would be for the total and crushing defeat of all Arab-Palestinian organizations by Israel which would mark the beginning of the end of the wider Arab and Muslim war on Israel

YJ Draiman



If you read the 1917 Balfour Declaration (Which emulated Napoleons 1799 letter to the Jewish community in Palestine promising that The National Home for The Jewish people will be reestablished in Palestine, as the Jews are the rightful owners). Nowhere does it state an Arab entity west of The Jordan Rive. The San Remo Conference of 1920 does not state an Arab entity west of The Jordan River. The Mandate for Palestine terms does not state an Arab entity west of the Jordan River. It specifically states a Jewish National Home in Palestine without limiting the Jewish territory in Palestine. It also states that the British should work with the Jewish Agency as the official representative of the Jews in Palestine to implement the National Home of the Jewish people in Palestine. I stress again; nowhere does it state that an Arab entity should be implemented west of the Jordan River
As a matter of historical record, The British reallocated over 77% of Jewish Palestine to the Arab-Palestinians in 1922 with specific borders and
Jordan took over additional territory like the Gulf of Aqaba which was not part of the allocation to Jordan.


No where in any of the above stated agreements does it provides for an Arab entity west of the Jordan River. It specifically states political right to the Jewish people. The U.N. resolutions are non-binding with no legal standing.
YJ Draiman

’s Safety and Security Above all and at all costs

The State of Israel must always keep in mind its own sovereign obligations and be careful not to risk its capacity to perform the vital task of defending itself, its people, and its interests. Israel even under the most adverse conditions, it shall not capitulate to world pressure whereby its citizen’s safety and security is compromised. Israel must expel all Arabs who conduct and incite terror and violence, zero tolerance.

Israel has a responsibility to defend its people at all costs no holds barred. If all else fails, Israel may have no choice but to level Gaza and the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel will have to respond just like Britain and the Americans did to Germany in WWII when Hitler sent missiles the v2 rockets to London.


Free Israel from Arab/Muslim terror and Arab occupiers.


It is the Arab Conflict, not Israel. The Arabs want what Israel has; which they built with blood sweat and tears; well they cannot have it.

Israel is on its own historical territory of over 3,800 years, that with hard work and toil have turned the desert into green pastures with a first class technology and innovation that is helping all the people and nations in the world. The Arabs have over 12 million sq. km. of which 70% is vacant with a wealth of oil reserves and they also have Jordan which is Jewish territory.


Israel is a sovereign country which also serves as a land based Super-Large Aircraft carrier for the U.S. (with no risk to U.S. personnel) with much more amenities and a sophisticated intelligence apparatus. Israel is one of the worlds leading countries in sophisticated and innovative weapons technology and development of which the U.S. benefits greatly. Furthermore, it is Israel’s Medical innovation and other technology which the whole world benefits from.


President Donald Trump. Are you willing to help set-up and approve a terrorist Arab State in the United State? Your actions and deeds show you do not! Why would you want Israel to permit an Arab terrorist State in Judea and Samaria? Just see the results of giving the Arabs control of Gaza, which is now a terrorist entity that launches thousands of rockets at Israel and threatens its safety and security.

No sane leader or government would permit such a move or it will be replaced.


As long as world countries and leaders contribute money and support to the Arabs who promote hate and commit terror and violence, the terror hate and violence will continue.

As long as you treat Mahmmoud Abbas as a leader and not as a terrorist criminal (who has a murder conviction and an escapee from justice) who promotes and incites hate, violence and terror, the violence and terror will continue. Stop deluding yourselves that these Arabs are anything but terrorists who seek to destroy Israel and anyone who is not like them.


Mahmmoud Abbas and his Arab Palestinian authority are a terrorist entity and anyone who condones them is supporting terror and violence. Mahmmoud Abbas is a convicted murderer who is an escaped convict and belongs in Jail. Stop patronizing Abbas and start applying what he deserves, to be put in jail. He gladly admitted for sponsoring the Munich massacre and other terror acts. Abbas is playing the peace game as long as he can milk the nations of the world for billions of dollars and running a dictatorial terrorist entity.

The Arab PA is no different than Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon they are terrorist organizations.


There never was and will never be a second Arab-Palestinian State West of the Jordan River; they have Jordan which is Jewish territory.


Anyone who thinks about putting another terrorist entity in Judea and Samaria aka West Bank, needs to have his head examined, this type of thinking is an insidious delusion and any government considering such a proposal must be replaced. Such a move is suicidal to Israel especially in view of the results from Gaza, with thousands of rockets attacking Israel. Judea and Samaria is Jewish territory no concession of this territory is permitted. Israel is a sovereign country and Israel does not need anybody’s consent to apply its sovereignty to Judea and Samaria. Israel must expedite building housing, industry and roads in Judea and Samaria. No country has the right to interfere and or dictate to Israel how to conduct its internal affairs and or its safety and security.

Let the Arab-Palestinians in Judea and Samaria relocate to Jordan or the homes and territory of over 120,000 sq. km the Arab countries confiscated from the over a million Jewish families they terrorized and expelled from the Arab countries.

The Arab-Palestinian Authority with its leader Mahmmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen the convicted murderer is a terrorist organization, just like Hamas and Hezbollah.

YJ Draiman

After a 50 day Israel's campaign against Hamas and its over 3,500 rockets - will there be peace?


Netanyahu: Hamas Abducted U.S. Teen - June 15, 2014

  1. As the search for three kidnapped teenagers enters its fourth day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the Palestinian Authority to take responsibility and help in the search. He and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spoke for the first time in over year. "The abductors from Hamas came from an area under Palestinian Authority control and returned to PA-controlled territory," Netanyahu said. Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S. is still gathering information, but "many indications point to Hamas’ involvement." In total, 150 Palestinians have been arrested in the search for the Israeli teenagers Gilad Shaar, 16, Eyal Yifrach, 19, and Naftali Frenkel, 16, who is a dual American citizen. A Palestinian was also killed in clashes with Israeli forces in Ramallah. The teens have been missing since Thursday night when they tried to get a ride home from their religious school in Gush Etzion, which is a block of settlements south of Jerusalem.  Right after the abduction, one of the teens managed to call the police hotline and say “We’ve been kidnapped.”
    Now Hamas admits it publicly!









"In Israel; We have to undue and reverse the decades of nonsense that the peace industry has fermented, which led us to the position where the world thinks we the Jews are occupiers in our own ancestral land.

If something is false and it is repeated enough times it becomes sort of common wisdom.

We have to undo that."

United State of Israel

"A Unified Israel is a Strong Israel" By YJ Draiman

Unity above all

We must learn to respect each other no matter what the religious affiliation or secular. We are all Jews, one people and one nation.

We must look ahead and learn from past mistakes and not dwell on them and look for blame. We must be unified and with a cohesive effort, we will find a solution.

The one thing that is common to all of solutions is that they required — or at least relied on — the other party’s good will. But in the absence of such a will, every agreement you attempt to implement is doomed before it has even started. Therefore, we must look not at the agreements we can or can’t achieve with our neighbors, but rather look at the agreements that we can achieve with ourselves!

Our motto should be something like, “When the going gets tough, the good get going,” because this is all we need to do — lend a friendly hand to one another, no questions asked. As we have been told a million times before, this unity will unleash all the powers we need in order to resolve our problems: social, economic, and political — both internally and internationally.

“A Unified Israel is A Strong Israel”

YJ Draiman

Almighty G-d, You have given us this good land for our heritage. We humbly ask You that we may always prove ourselves a people mindful of Your favor and glad to do Your will. Bless our land with honorable endeavor, sound learning and pure manners. Save us from violence, discord, and confusion, from pride and arrogance, and from every evil way. Defend our liberties and fashion into one united people the multitude brought here out of many nations and tongues. Endow with the Spirit of wisdom those to whom in Your Name we entrust authority of government, that there may be justice and peace at home, and that through obedience to Your law we may show forth Your praise among the nations on earth. In time of prosperity fill our hearts with thankfulness, and in the day of trouble do not allow our trust in You to fail. Amen.

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